Ivor Rhodes


Specializing in employment law and employee insurance law (WW, WIA, Ziektewet), with extensive experience in litigation.

He has successfully completed the specialized training of the Postacademische Leergang Arbeidsrecht (PALA) and is a member of the Vereniging Arbeidsrechtadvocaten Nederland (VAAN) and the Vereniging Arbeidsrechtsadvocaten Amsterdam (VAAA).

Pursuant to Article 35b, paragraph 1, of the Regeling op de advocatuur (Regulations on Advocacy):

Mr. I. Rhodes is registered in the rechtsgebiedenregister (areas of law register) of the Nederlandse Orde van Advocaten (Dutch Bar Association) in the following legal areas:


  • Employment law
  • Social Security Law

These registrations oblige him to earn ten educational points each calendar year in each registered legal area, according to the standards set by the Nederlandse Orde van Advocaten.


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