Specialists in benefits

With us you have come to the right place with a benefit problem.

We are dedicated every day to resolving benefit-related issues. We provide advice and representation on employee insurances, such as the Work and Income for Disabled Persons Act (WIA), Sickness Act (Ziektewet), and Unemployment Insurance Act (WW), as well as social provisions, such as the Social Assistance Act (Participatiewet) for social assistance (bijstand).

We handle appeal procedures for individuals, employers, and self-insured parties against administrative bodies, file cases before the courts in the first instance, and proceed to the Central Appeals Tribunal for higher appeals. Our expertise covers a wide range of issues, including denials of benefit applications, benefit cessation, recovery of overpaid benefits, benefit suspensions, wage sanctions, requests for reevaluation, insurance obligations, and penalties.

In urgent cases, we can request an interim measure from the court (administrative interim relief proceedings).

Where necessary, we collaborate with fixed insurance doctors and labour experts. We have negotiated favourable rates with them, allowing you to receive the best and comprehensive assistance at an affordable fee.

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