CRvB Rules in Favor of PGB Service Providers for Unemployment Insurance

Introduction: In a groundbreaking ruling, the Central Appeals Tribunal (CRvB) has granted unemployment insurance (WW) entitlement to PGB service providers who work less than 4 days a week and are paid from a personal budget (PGB). The CRvB determined that excluding this group constitutes indirect discrimination against women.

Court Ruling: Read the full court ruling here

Key Points:

  • The dispute involved a PGB service provider who worked as a household aid under the Social Support Act from 2015 to 2018, and later provided care under the Long-term Care Act.
  • The Employee Insurance Agency (UWV) rejected her WW application based on Article 6 of the WW, which denies WW coverage to PGB service providers working less than 4 days for a private individual.
  • The CRvB ruled against the exception provision for PGB service providers, citing statistical data showing disproportionate disadvantages to women and lack of objective justification for this group.
  • The CRvB's decision will have significant implications for thousands of PGB caregivers, who will now be eligible for WW benefits and improved social security arrangements.

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